Shoulder and eye injuries and heartburn

Being an avid hockey player, I have had many injuries over the years including a broken collar bone, two separated shoulders, a broken hand and a torn rotator cuff all on the right side. I was unable to play any sports that I had to use my right arm for because of chronic pain and lack of mobility.

I am always a skeptic when it comes to new medicines but when good friends and family both had suggested RECOVERY® I figured it would be worth a try. I suffered from a secondary condition of severe acid reflux (heartburn) that caused several hospital visits and a long list of drugs to try and minimize the condition.

I started taking RECOVERY® three and a half years ago November of 1999 for my shoulder pain and I can say it took about four months but it was worth it because I was able to start playing hockey, baseball and golf again with limited discomfort and my doctor cancelled my surgery to rebuild and patch up my right shoulder.

More importantly, only by the observation of my doctor, I was not in and out of the hospital for my stomach problems and I noticed that I had not been taking any drugs for my acid reflux. I have been able to eat anything and in the past three years I can say I have only had a couple of slight attacks of heartburn instead of every day dealing with extensive attacks.

I know this is long but the main reason why I am writing you to thank you for RECOVERY® is that I was hit in the eye with a puck when playing hockey and when the eye specialist first tested me the evening of the injury I had only 12% vision and he figured that with the damage to the surface of my eye and the blood that was building pressure I would surely have damaged vision for the rest of my life with 50% chance of no vision. I followed up with the eye specialist, after wearing a patch for three days and on my own accord I took RECOVERY® every four hours, the specialist just about fell over because I had over 90% vision after only three days. I have full vision now. I did some research and with the purchase of RECOVERY® it only cost me $60 where as the lost of vision would have cost me without insurance over half a million dollars in medical attention and surgery, my job and my quality of life. Thank You RECOVERY® always and forever I will never stop taking it.

Stephen Pearce, Victoria, BC

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