Want real effects in fighting cold & fever?

Every day, throughout the year, our immune systems must protect us against myriad micro-organisms and other stressors that can harm the body. Eating well, exercising, hydrating and getting plenty of sleep are among the front lines of defense against cold and fever and the related symptoms of cough and sore throat. Sometimes, however, our immune systems need a boost. PURICA Prevent provides precisely the right kind of boost. It is clinically proven to help you ward off the common cold.

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PURICA Prevent
Daily Immune Optimizer

  • 100% natural formulation
  • Daily enhancement for your immunity
  • Balances immune cell activity
  • 50% improvement in immune response
  • Enhances ability to handle stress


The metabolites from the herbs contained in PURICA Prevent have been shown to significantly increase the immune response in clinical trials. However, simply boosting the immune response does not result in optimal functioning of the immune system. (Those with auto-immune diseases, for example, should not take Echinacea on an ongoing basis, due to its tendency to further stimulate the immune system.)

To be optimally healthy, we need our immune systems to exhibit balanced cell-signaling to ensure sensitivity and effective response. PURICA Prevent has been shown to modulate (balance) the immune response—in doing so, it helps the body better adapt to infection and other stressors.

PURICA Prevent Daily Immune Optimizer works best when taken each day, especially during cold and flu season and periods of high stress.

PURICA Prevent can be taken daily to enhance your immunity and fight against the onset of the common cold.


PURICA Prevent Daily Immunity Optimizer contains Immunidiol™, a combination of two herbs: Panax ginseng and Astragalus membranaceus.

See also PURICA Prevail – Cold & Fever

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