PURICA sponsors AAC nationals


…Hosted by Lower Mainland Agility Association, AAC Nationals to bring together hundreds of dogs from across Canada Aug. 19-23 at Swangard Stadium

DUNCAN, B.C. (Wednesday, July 8th, 2015) – PURICA has signed on as the Steeplechase Sponsor for the upcoming Agility Association of Canada (AAC) National Championships to be held August 19-23 at Swangard Stadium in Burnaby, B.C.

The premier competitive event in dog agility and control in Canada, the AAC Nationals are being hosted by the Lower Mainland Agility Association.

The event will bring together hundreds of entries from across the country, along with special entries from the United States. Dogs competing at Swangard Stadium will have qualified through their Regional Championships across Canada – including the BC Regionals held in May at Thunderbird Show Park in Langley, B.C. — or in a pre-qualifying event.

“We’re very pleased to have the opportunity to support the host organizing committee from the Lower Mainland Agility Association, the Agility Association of Canada and the AAC Nationals this year,” said Trevor Watkin, Chief Operating Officer and CFO of PURICA. “Our hats are off to the organizers and to all entries, especially given what goes into this kind of training over the course of the lives of the talented dogs involved.”

Competition will cover agility, control, jumping and obstacle courses and span more than a dozen categories, including regular 10-inch, 16-inch, 22-inch and 26-inch, 6 to 22 inch classes in specials and veterans and 6 to 16 inch in veterans double dropped. The AAC Nationals will also feature a three-dog team competition and awards.

“The AAC Nationals are such a terrific showcase for agility and control, along with the physical and mental capacity of the featured dogs, who never fail to amaze us with what they can do on the competitive stage,” said Watkin. “What we love and appreciate about the opportunity we have to contribute to the AAC Nationals is that it is such a family event and that it brings together people and their dogs.”

PURICA is the developer of the Recovery SA line for small animals (such as dogs and cats).
Recovery®SA contains Nutricol®, a proprietary combination of proven ingredients extracted from plants. Nutricol® decreases trauma in small animals – from chronic lameness, surgery, injury and over-training – by both increasing the cell’s resistance to damage & improving its ability to repair damage.

In addition to Recovery SA, PURICA also develops Recovery EQ for horses and a comprehensive product line for humans, from the flagship product Recovery to medicinal mushrooms such as Red Reishi, Cordyceps, Lion’s Mane and the Immune 7 blend, along with formulations such as Provascin for cardiovascular support and heart health and super food supplements such as Nopal and Fiberlicious.

“As the makers of a product such as Recovery®SA, which promotes the freedom to move in small animals, it’s a natural fit and an honour for us to be associated with the AAC Nationals and to help celebrate the most agile dogs in Canada,” added Watkin.
The Steeplechase Sponsorship of the AAC Nationals comes in the 15th anniversary year of PURICA as a Canadian-owned and operated natural health foods and supplements company.

“We’re grateful to have had the opportunity to serve Canadians and make a positive difference in their lives – and the lives of their pets — over the past 15 years,” said Jason Watkin, Chief Executive Officer and Chief Formulator for PURICA, which is based in Duncan, B.C.

PURICA began its 15th Anniversary celebration last fall by acknowledging its customers and clients at the very heart of the company, unveiling the new mantra “Nature. Science. You.” and a 15th Anniversary emblem marking “15 Years of Serving You”. The AAC Nationals will mark the debut of the company’s mantra for its small animal products: Nature. Science. Your Pet.”

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