PURICA Launches Purola Granola Bars


…leaders in micronized medicinal mushrooms to introduce new granola bar product in two flavours: Chocolate Rush with Cordyceps and Vanilla Chill with Red Reishi at CHFA West April 8-9

DUNCAN, B.C. (Friday, April 7th, 2016) – PURICA will launch and test sample its new take on healthy granola bars – PURICA Purola — at the Canadian Health Food Association’s CHFA West trade show at the Vancouver Convention Centre April 8th-9th.

“We’re excited about what we’ve done to bring together the best in granola and our long-standing commitment to PURICA wellness,” said Jason Watkin, Co-founder, CEO & Chief Formulator for PURICA. “PURICA Purola is our new take on granola bars. From our family to yours, we see PURICA Purola as a new generation of delicious vegan granola bars designed for people of all ages who are looking for safe, healthy snacks, not only for themselves, but for their children.”

The launch of PURICA Purola Granola Bars is another bold foray in the growth and development of the natural health food company that — inspired by nature and backed by science — is committed to empowering people with the finest whole food products, supplements and lifestyle solutions. The PURICA vision is a world where people can achieve their fullest potential in every aspect of life, work and play.

“Nutrition is obviously at the heart of our company and we’re proud of what we’ve done to collaborate on what we believe is a granola bar product that is second to none in the marketplace,” said Watkin, a veteran of more than 20 years in the health food industry, 18 of those creating and building PURICA with his brother Trevor Watkin into one of Canada’s leading makers of natural supplements, including the flagship of Recovery for whole body health and pain relief.

PURICA Purola bars are made from a blend of the finest quality, allergy-friendly, certified gluten-free,  granola and the pure power of micronized organic PURICA mushrooms. Like all PURICA products, Purola bars are vegan and are free of preservatives, colours, artificial flavours and GMO ingredients.

Purola Chocolate Rush features PURICA Cordyceps micronized mushroom powder for energy and endurance while Purola Vanilla Chill features PURICA Red Reishi micronized mushroom powder for relaxation and calmness.

They contain: 100% whole grain gluten-free oats, brown rice syrup, 100% whole grain brown crisp rice, Sunflower oil (source of vitamin E), evaporated cane sugar and sea salt. Purola bars are free of trans fats. All fats are plant-based (mostly derived from sunflower oil). Each 28 gram bar of Vanilla Chill contains just 3.5 grams of fat (3 grams non-saturated, 0.5 gram saturated and 0 gram trans fats) while each 28 gram bar of Chocolate Rush contains just 5 grams of fat (4 grams non-saturated, 1 gram saturated and 0 gram trans fats).

“We can’t wait for the feedback as our customers and those new to PURICA begin to enjoy the benefits of the finest in certified organic granola combined with the power of PURICA micronized mushrooms, all the while free of common allergens, gluten, preservatives, colours, artificial flavours and genetically-modified ingredients,” said Watkin. “We’re particularly proud of the commitment we’re making to parents to ensure that they have healthy and safe snack options for their children. We’re also happy to say that we believe the taste of PURICA Purola will make it the granola bar of choice for Canadians of all ages from across the country.”

For more information on PURICA Purola Granola Bars or other PURICA natural health foods and supplements, visit www.PURICA.com. Media, general practitioners and clients are also invited to follow PURICA on Twitter at www.twitter.com/puricawellness and on Facebook at www.facebook.com/puricawellness.


About PURICA: A Canadian owned and operated natural health food company based in Duncan, B.C., PURICA empowers people with the finest whole food products, supplements and lifestyle solutions. It features a dynamic roster of products such as Recovery, medicinal mushrooms and super foods and also serves as a leader in health products for horses and small animals. www.purica.com @puricawellness


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