Measuring Pain – McGill Pain Questionnaire

This questionnaire, known as the McGill Pain Index, measures the intensity (severity) of the pain, the quality of the pain, mood, and understanding of the pain

Look at the 20 groups below.
1.    Circle one word in each group that best describes your pain.
2.    Circle only three words from Groups 1 to 10 that best describe your pain response.
3.    Choose just two words in Groups 11 to 15 that best describe your pain.
4.    Just pick the one in Group 16.
5.    Finally, choose just one word from Groups 17-20.

You should now have seven words. Those seven words should be taken to your doctor. They will help describe both the quality and intensity of your pain.

Group 1 – Flickering, Pulsing, Quivering, Throbbing, Beating, Pounding
Group 2 – Jumping, Flashing, Shooting
Group 3 – Pricking, Boring, Drilling, Stabbing
Group 4 – Sharp, Gritting, Lacerating
Group 5 – Pinching, Pressing, Gnawing, Cramping, Crushing
Group 6 – Tugging, Pulling, Wrenching
Group 7 – Hot, Burning, Scalding, Searing
Group 8 – Tingling, Itching, Smarting, Stinging
Group 9 – Dull, Sore, Hurting, Aching, Heavy
Group 10 – Tender, Taunt, Rasping, Splitting
Group 11 – Tiring, Exhausting
Group 12 – Sickening, Suffocating
Group 13 – Fearful, Frightful, Terrifying
Group 14 – Punishing, Grueling, Cruel, Vicious, Killing
Group 15 – Wretched, Binding
Group 16 – Annoying, Troublesome, Miserable, Intense, Unbearable
Group 17 – Spreading, Radiating, Penetrating, Piercing
Group 18 – Tight, Numb, Squeezing, Drawing, Tearing
Group 19 – Cool, Cold, Freezing
Group 20 – Nagging, Nauseating, Agonizing, Dreadful, Torturing

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