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Adam O'Meara - Purica Ambassador

Adam O’Meara
Purica Ambassador

Adam O’Meara, a Victoria-based professional triathlete, is a member of our team of Purica Ambassadors who are committed to providing you with healthy eating and training tips. Here are Adam’s thoughts on planning and goal-setting:

In Canada it is getting colder this time of year.  Nothing we can do about that. It’s part of living in the northern hemisphere.

At this point, most runners have either completed or will do their last organized event soon.  At this time of year people often start to reflect on the spring and summer training and racing that they did.  It may seem early to think about planning for 2015, but thinking that far ahead can be beneficial in many ways.

For example, if a person achieved their goal of losing 10 pounds through increasing their running, then it occurs to me that setting their goals for 2015 right now will likely help that person stay on track during the off-season.

Once the seed is planted, it can change one’s entire thought process.  Write those goals down now and put them somewhere safe. When you need some motivation, pull them out and remember why you set them in the first place; to make you a healthier, happier person!

With thanks to the folks at Running Magazine, here are 6 simple tips for planning next season

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