Are You Denying the Damage of Your Excuses?

Do you have a list of “reasons” aka excuses that are sabotaging your intention to get fit and eat clean? The more you allow yourself to make an excuse and deviate from your intention the more persuasive your sabotaging self-talk will become!

Some Denying the Damage excuses sound like this:

  • I worked out hard today, I earned the extra calories.
  • A few bites won’t hurt me.
  • No one saw me eat it so it doesn’t count.
  • This is the last time I will eat this.
  • It’s just one missed workout.
  • It’s just one bite.
  • I’ll skip dinner later.
  • I will work out twice tomorrow.
  • Just this once I’ll make an exception.
  • I already messed up at lunch so just blow dinner too!
  • Start tomorrow …restart tomorrow…Monday I will really start.
  • There’s barely any left, I’ll just finish it.
  • It’s just one meal.
  • I’m building muscle; I don’t have to watch what I eat.
  • I’m usually really good, so this little treat won’t make a big difference.

How to Bust your Bluffs:

The only way to achieve optimal results is to be honest 100% of the time. All food and physical activity counts. When lies like the list above linger they will derail you from reaching your goals. The truth is you are always in control and responsible for what goes into your mouth and for the level of intensity and frequency you apply to each workout. Your fat cells don’t know the difference between your birthday, vacation buffets or a cheat day! They will always store bonus calories you choose to stuff in your mouth.

I’m not suggesting you will never have challenging days or that there won’t be times when other activities will take priority over a trip to the gym. There are times when legit circumstances will result in alternative choices having to be made.  However you are never so off track that the only option is to binge on junk food. You can always make the best choice of the choices available. If you tend to promise yourself that you’ll make it up tomorrow, take action today. If “Monday” is always your looming start day, ask yourself how much evidence you have to prove that to be true and add a momentum coaching session mid week to help make it through two successful weeks. Swearing you will start tomorrow will only increase your fears of going to the gym or spark the desire to binge on the very foods you are trying to restrict. Tip: self-imposed scarcity diets don’t work. Focus on what you CAN eat to get healthy, not on what you can’t have.

If you are going to get control over your health you have to TAKE Control over your thoughts and actions. One honest choice at a time!


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