Why Suffer When You Don’t Have To?

If you’ve ever busted your butt in the gym, chances are you have woken up the next morning and skipped washing your hair in the shower because your muscles were too sore to lift your arms. This can also happen if you’re new to gym workouts.

I’ll be the first to admit the self-satisfaction I gain from experiencing “good pain” muscle soreness following a great workout, but never should it be to the point where you can’t move for days.

Muscle hypotrophy occurs in the recovery phase, so you want to ensure you prime that time. If your muscle recovery takes more than 48 hours, you may need more water, sleep, quality nutrients or an adjustment to your workout routine. Among those adjustments are decreasing the intensity and increasing the frequency of your sessions to promote quicker muscle recovery.

The popular theory in the fitness world is that soreness is caused by the accumulation of lactic acid in the muscles. That is partly true, especially during the workout. After the workout, however, it’s more a case of post micro tears in the myofibrils of the worked muscles that cause soreness. The faster you can get past soreness, the sooner you can effectively hit them again with a workout and the faster you’ll grow. Muscle soreness shouldn’t be your badge of honour. Quick recovery should be.

You’re probably thinking: “What’s the best way to overcome muscle soreness?” Well, for starters, staying hydrated is the cheapest, easiest way there is to maximize your performance in the gym and afterwards. In addition to a balanced nutrition plan, I also recommend movement to increase circulation and quality sleep to allow cell restoration.

When it comes to supplementation, PURICA RECOVERY – developed for whole body health and pain relief — provides effective relief to people dealing with sore joints and muscles. It is a great ongoing supplement for athletes who want to inhibit cellular damage, decrease inflammation and increase the cells’ ability to absorb important hormones. My #1 recommendation for topical treatment is Arnica gel or cream.

Train hard. Eat clean. Recover then repeat. By applying these principles, you’ll be well on your way to faster and greater results. Enjoy the new growth!

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