All you really need to get fit is: YOU!

Melissa Tucker - PURICA Ambassador
Melissa Tucker
PURICA Ambassador

Melissa Tucker is one of Canada’s foremost global fitness competitors and training coach. She’s also a member of our team of PURICA Ambassadors, committed to providing you with healthy eating and training tips. Here are Melissa’s thoughts on how you can get and stay fit even without access to a gym or workout studio: 

The key to getting fit and staying fit is to make it part of your regular routine; to find ways to make it part of your day on a consistent basis. To help you make that happen, try these five muscle-toning bodyweight exercises when you’re traveling or don’t have time to make it to the gym.

Inchworm: Stand up tall with the legs straight (but not locked), slowly lower the torso toward the floor and walk the hands forward. Once in a push-up position, start taking small steps so the feet meet the hands. Continue inch worming out for 10 reps.

Tuck Jump: Standing with the knees slightly bent, jump up as high as possible and bring the knees in toward the chest while extending the arms straight out. Land with the knees slightly bent and quickly jump again! Go for 10-15 reps.

Superman: Want a super back side? Lie face down with arms and legs extended. Keeping the torso as still as possible, simultaneously raise the arms and legs to form a small curve in the body. Go for 10-15 reps.

Around The World Lunge:Complete a traditional forward lunge, then take a big step to the right and lunge again. Finish off the semicircle with a backwards lunge, and then return to starting position. That’s one rep! Go for 10 reps, and then switch legs.

Pistol Squat: Stand holding the arms straight out in front of the body, and raise the right leg, flexing the right ankle and pushing the hips back. Then lower the body while keeping the right leg raised. Hold then return to standing. You can use a low bench to start until your range of motion and strength increase. Go for 10 reps with each leg.

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