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16 year old cat helped by RECOVERY for pets

My 16 year old cat injured his leg in July of 2017. He had to have surgery and could only walk on three legs. After a couple of months he still could barely put any weight on his leg. He has always been a very active cat so this was very sad to see him unable to get around. I tried everything…

I am running again…

At the age of 40, I was involved in a very serious car accident which left me with some residual pain issues in my neck, back and hands. I do not like to take prescription medication so over the years have tried heat, ice, acupuncture, traction therapy, chiropractic, physiotherapy, massage therapy, yoga, over the counter meds and alternative medicines. I have had very limited success. During my more debilitating flare ups I have resorted to narcotic medication and even medicinal marijuana.

About eight months ago, I tried yet another alternative product called Recovery Extra Strength by Purica.

Powerful relief for hot flashes

At a fairly early age, I was in menopause. The hot flashes I was suffering were debilitating. There were so many in a 24 hour period that they were affecting, work, life and love. I couldn’t go out without carrying a towel to manage the sweats. Sleep was impossible.

I tried every documented natural remedy, as I did not want to go the DRUG route. ….Evening Primrose, Black Cohosh, Chinese Herbal concoctions, Acupuncture. At one point, so frustrated with life, I even tried…

Inner balance, energy and clarity

Since taking Menopause Relief, I have found a state of inner balance, improved energy and more mental clarity and the rushes and flushes of heat are much reduced. On occasion, when I would add Recovery and Fiberlicious, I experienced fewer cravings or mood swings.

Celeste Jason, BC

Knee surgery and arthritis

I am a very firm believer in RECOVERY® and have used it for about three years now, and told everyone who will listen – probably several hundred – on the merits for it with humans as well as horses and dogs.

About five months ago my cat had a live rabbit in its mouth running through the garden. I had been riding and had on my heavy boots, but took off at a fast run to save the rabbit! Running very fast behind my house I tripped on my boots, crashing onto the concrete path directly on my left knee. It hurt, but I rose, continuing to chase the cat and saved the rabbit which we took down to Critter Care in Campbell Valley Park, where it recovered from the shock!

Meantime my knee hurt, but I was too busy to do anything about it. I upped RECOVERY® for a few days, then just accepted the swollen knee as I had family coming from England and a lot to keep me occupied for weeks. Somehow I refused to accept anything was seriously wrong.

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Chronic pain and athletics

Just a note to let you know that I went on RECOVERY® in July, by the end of August I didn’t require any more anti-inflammatories and I have stopped taking pain pills altogether! I can now mountain bike for 15 to 20 km without any pain, whereas before I had trouble walking to the garage! Wonderful stuff!

Laurence Polley, Caledon, Ontario

Chronic tendinitis in hands and arms

Being in large animal veterinary practice for 25 years has left me with chronic soreness in my hands and forearms. The past five years, I have also taken many different types of products to relieve this discomfort.

Nothing has worked as well or as quickly as RECOVERY®. In the three weeks that I have used RECOVERY®, my use of Ibuprofen has decreased by 80 percent. This effect was almost immediate. I look forward to even more improvement as time passes. Thank you again!

Dr. Michael Marrinan, Montana

Arthritis in hands and knee pain

I use my hands to make jewelry which has given me a wrist problem. My wrists were inflamed and arthritic. I also had knee problems from horseback riding.

Since taking RECOVERY®, I virtually have no pain in my wrist or my knees. I feel like I can actually tell that there is more fluid in my joints and I am virtually pain free!

Maggie McClellan, Florida


I gave RECOVERY® to my 80 year-old grandmother. Her asthma is so severe that she uses a breathing machine 3 to 4 times per day.

After 3 days of taking RECOVERY®, she called me on the phone and said, “You better not ever run out of that stuff because I haven’t felt this strong in months.” She is now down to one treatment per day in the morning and not every day. She actually went out to breakfast and grocery shopping alone; that is an accomplishment in itself. Thank you, Purica.

Debra Dutton, Oregon

Arthritis and stroke

After less than two weeks using RECOVERY®, I was able to walk without a cane for the first time in years. RECOVERY® is the only thing that works for me.

Before trying RECOVERY®, I had to take up to six extra-strength painkillers just to cope with the constant pain I have experienced after a stroke 7 years ago. I am a diabetic and suffer severe arthritis. RECOVERY® has truly been remarkable. I tell everyone about it. My doctor is amazed!

William Dunn, BC

Shoulder and eye injuries and heartburn

Being an avid hockey player, I have had many injuries over the years including a broken collar bone, two separated shoulders, a broken hand and a torn rotator cuff all on the right side. I was unable to play any sports that I had to use my right arm for because of chronic pain and lack of mobility.

I am always a skeptic when it comes to new medicines but when good friends and family both had suggested RECOVERY® I figured it would be worth a try. I suffered from a secondary condition of severe acid reflux (heartburn) that caused several hospital visits and a long list of drugs to try and minimize the condition.

I started taking RECOVERY® three and a half years ago November of 1999 for my shoulder pain and I can say it took about four months but it was worth it because I was able to start playing hockey, baseball and golf again with limited discomfort and my doctor cancelled my surgery to rebuild and patch up my right shoulder.

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Tennis elbow

I have been wearing an elbow brace for a chronic tennis elbow. I have been on RECOVERY® for only two weeks and I am absolutely amazed. I have removed my brace for the first time in three months.

Gail, Animal Care Center, Okotoks, Alberta

Chronic pain and acid reflux

I started using RECOVERY® about five weeks ago and it has already changed my life! I am 37 years old and have had over a dozen operations. I have been in pain every day of my life for 20 years. I have taken anti-inflammatories and prescription pills every day.

After starting RECOVERY®, most days I do not need to take anything and it has been wonderful. One side-benefit is that I have also been able to discontinue my prescription medication that I take for acid-reflux.

Janet R. Richardson, Beaverton, OR

Arthritis and osteoporosis

The results patients have been receiving when taking RECOVERY®, with arthritis, osteoporosis and many other painful conditions are outstanding.

This is a mainstream OTC that many MD’s are recommending. I have been taking RECOVERY® for heartburn and fatigue. The results in many cases are hard to believe.

Bob Rai, BSc

Knee and hip replacements

In the past 40 years, I have had 4 replacement surgeries to my knees and one hip replacement with no relief!

Since starting RECOVERY®, I no longer have to use my crutches or walker and I have no more pain. I now look forward to each and every day. Thank you all for RECOVERY®. God bless you all.

Trish Quintrell, Campbell River, BC

Rheumatoid arthritis

The dramatic benefits of RECOVERY® are undeniable. A young girl with rheumatoid arthritis reserved to lying on the couch most of the time, even with current pharmaceutical treatments, now rides a bike again.

Her family says RECOVERY® has changed their lives.

K. Spicer, BSc. Sask.

Anterior cruciate ligament (ACL) and cartilage tear – knee pain

After three knee surgeries for a ruptured Anterior Cruciate Ligament (ACL) and subsequent cartilage tears, I thought I would never be able to take long walks, garden or ski again.

I am delighted to say that RECOVERY® has been extremely helpful and I am now able to do everything, including skiing. I would recommend RECOVERY® to anyone who would like to live a fuller life. Thank you RECOVERY®!

Dr. Zori Cohen, MD, MPH, Washington

Asthma and allergies

I was using my puffers at least one to two times per day. Since using RECOVERY®, I have not used the puffers at all.

Ken Davies, BC


My bone density has increased by over 5 % in a few months, as has one of the pharmacist’s. We have done nothing different other than start taking RECOVERY®.

L. Mensink, BC (Pharmasave)

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