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You Are How You Think and Feel

Diet and exercise are typically the first things that get our full throttle attention when we’re looking to improve our level of health and fitness. A less tangible but equally important pillar of our health is our overall mind-body-spirit balance

How To Combat Feeling SAD

During the winter months we tend to eat more sleep more and experience more ups and downs during the shorter days. Winter can cause some people to experience weight gain and a lack of energy…

Winter Lifestyle Practices

Winter is the season with the least amount of light, coldest temperatures and very skin drying conditions indoors with furnace heaters etc. Your skin might need more moisture and your body might crave more sleep…

Prime Time IT (Internal Talk)

When you want to achieve optimal fitness success, you need some daily Prime Time to condition your Internal Talk. What I mean by “prime time” is you need mental preparation time to set your intention for the day and insure your internal talk supports your set goals.

7 Ways to Support Vitality

If you’re alive, you’ve got stress. It’s a natural physical and mental reaction to both good and bad experiences. There are also two kinds of stress…

How to Handle Stress Better

Giving your body nutritional and supplement support it needs is only part of the solution to be better at handling stress. When you start feeling anxious and stressed out, ask yourself “Am I in imminent danger?”…

Managing Your Mood

We all experience ups and downs as we live through life. How you feel from day to day depends not on the outside factors such as your job or relationships, but on how you perceive them. Truth be told, you have little control…

What would happen if you did what you said you would?

What are the first words that pass your lips in the morning? Are they resentful thoughts about your alarm or words of thanks for the opportunity that greets you with the rising sun? Literally, which side of the bed of life are you waking up on?

When you start each day by acknowledging what is going your way — and recognize how far you’ve come – you’ll see it’s much further than you sometimes think.

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Positive Energy = Feeling Good

One of my favourite parts of working for Purica as a territory representative is interacting with the community at events. This past weekend I had the opportunity to go outside of my territory to represent Purica at an event at Woofy’s Pet Foods in Courtenay.

Unplug to Reboot

One of the simplest ways to manage stress in our highly-charged, electronic lives is to literally unplug.

Unplugging to reboot is a good concept not only for the “tired and wired” women going through menopause, but for women of all ages and, for that matter, people of both genders.

The Willpower to Cure Decision Fatigue

Many people believe they could improve areas of their lives and achieve their dreams of eating right, working out or starting their own businesses…if only they had more willpower.

These people talk about their dreams with excitement but when you fast-forward two months, six months or even a year, often nothing has come of their dreams. Why?

The Four Factors Challenge

Why are so many people over-tired and stressed out today?

Research shows there are four factors that contribute to more than 90% of stress related doctor visits.

Motivated Mindset

A lot of people associate getting fit with “motivation”. If they’re not “in the mood” to exercise or eat right, then they don’t bother. What would happen if you only washed your dishes or paid your bills when you felt like it?

A life transformed

We are really excited to be participating in a charitable event to support Imagine1day.

To help improve the lives of Ethiopians—through fostering independence of thought and action—Purica has teamed up with Community Farm Store to donate 10% of Purica sales during November and December.

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