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Sleep Essentials

The importance of getting quality sleep goes way beyond just boosting your mood or banishing under-eye circles. Adequate sleep is key to a healthy lifestyle, and can benefit your heart, weight, mind, and more!

Restorative Sleep as Stress Relief

The saying “let’s sleep on it” is a staple for everyone from those making complex and high stakes decisions to those wondering what colour of paint would work best in the living room.

Most of us have thought it would be best to “sleep on it” before giving an immediate response on the basic questions of day-to-day life?

Facts About Sleep

1.   Sleep need varies

Different people need different amounts of sleep. Eight and one quarter hours is the average for adults. Some people can cope very well with much less and some need much more every night.

2.   Sleep is an active state

We used to think that everything shuts down when we sleep. But over the last 60 years scientists have discovered that our brains are very active while we sleep. In fact, some parts of the brain use more oxygen and glucose while asleep than when awake.

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10 Reasons Why People Don’t Get Enough Sleep

1.  Taking sleep for granted

Many people do not realize how important sleep is. Instead, they may think of it as a waste of time.  But time spent in bed asleep is time well spent.  There are many very important things that the brain needs to do while asleep. These include forming memories and going through the day’s events. Give it a chance to do these things, make sure that you spend enough time in bed.

2.   Too much caffeine, alcohol and sleeping tablets

The caffeine in tea and coffee is a stimulant that prevents you sleeping well. Alcohol may make you drowsy, but your sleep will be very restless. Sleeping tablets can be used occasionally, but not regularly. They stop working well and you may become addicted.

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