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Structuring your race week

January saw many people joining running clinics or starting up their running routine again with the goal of completing a road running race. As some who has completed many running and triathlon events, I can tell you that structuring your training in the seven days prior to the event is very important.

Nothing Is Free

According to the FDA regulations, food packagers can use the word ‘free’ as in ‘fat-free’ ‘sugar-free’ or ‘calorie-free’, even when that’s not the case! The amounts are small, but they’re there. The impact of misleading food labeling comes to bear when manufacturers round down nutritional facts and use portion distortion…

Staying Fit While Travelling

Jetting off somewhere? It’s never easy to keep the jet power in your workouts while you are on the road, but here’s how I’ve managed to do it over the years.

Progressive Resistance Training

When I see a woman at the gym using 20-pound dumbbells for arm curls, I think to myself, “Good for her. She’s figured out the secret to making progress.” Bodybuilding is accomplished through weight training with progressive resistance.

Valentine’s Day Delights

Are you craving a hunk of chocolate for Valentine’s Day? You can avoid a diet disaster, satisfy your hearts desire and improve your heart health with a one-ounce piece of dark chocolate filled with heart healthy flavonoids.

Heart Healthy Workouts

To strengthen a muscle you have to challenge it. That’s as true of the heart muscle as it is any muscle in the body.

One of my favourite ways to challenge the heart is a circuit of quick cardio bursts of strength and power moves…

Say No-No to the Yo-Yo

Does this sound familiar to you: “I have tried every ‘diet’ out there and exercised, but nothing works”.

You’re not alone if it does. Thousands of people end the year with a New Year’s resolution of losing weight. Unfortunately, jumping in with New Year’s routines that are restrictive and extreme is overwhelming and ineffective

Top Winter Workouts

Winter may seem like the time to head indoors and bundle up against the cold; well here are my top picks to get your Canadian hearts pumping outside.

Healthy Foods for Under a Buck

Food prices are climbing heading into 2015. So being able to eat healthy without overspending is a sensible resolution for the New Year.

Here are 10 healthy bites for under a buck per serving

Sick Training

Nothing can bring your fitness progress to a halt more than feeling sick. So the question is: Should you continue training while you are sick?

Your body’s immune system is taxed much more by the flu than by the common cold. So training with a flu would not only be detrimental to muscle growth, but to your health.

Are group fitness classes for you?

Group fitness classes are a great way to add something new to your workouts and are offered at almost all gyms! The comradery of a group sweat session generates energy with the other participants.

Time-efficient Run Workout

As the holiday season rolls in most people find that their schedule starts to fill up, and often it is one’s exercise routine that is forced to take the back burner. But it doesn’t have to be that way!

A “Triskelion” of Three Backpack Safety Tips

I love the Purica logo – the modified Triskelion that represents body, mind and spirit. So in honour of the Purica Triskelion, here are three important backpack safety tips to help you prevent school from becoming a pain in the neck…or back!

All you really need to get fit is: YOU!

The key to getting fit and staying fit is to make it part of your regular routine; to find ways to make it part of your day on a consistent basis. To help you make that happen, try these five muscle-toning bodyweight exercises when you’re traveling or don’t have time to make it to the gym.

Knee Pain

Knee pain is something many people encounter at some point in life. A common contributing factor is a weak vastus medialis muscle that can’t hold the patella in its proper alignment. Improper alignment of the patella can irritate the patellar tendon and cause pain below the kneecap. When you have joint pain, start with the simplest solution of muscle strengthening exercises.

Dashboard Dining

The Labor Day long weekend will have lots of you packing the car for a summer’s end road trip. Chances are your route is set or you will punch your destination into your GPS to get you where you want to go, driving the most time efficient route. But have you preplanned your dashboard dining food options?

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