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Is it a Cold or Just Allergies? How Do You Know the Difference?

With the change of seasons and temperatures getting colder, Tis the season for runny noses, sore throats and fatigue. What do you do when your co-worker, family or friend shows up with a full-on case of the sniffles, red eyes, a runny nose, and a sore throat? When this happens to me, I’ll ask if they are feeling sick or have a cold.

7 Habits of Highly Effective Nutritional Programs

Here’s my nutritional adaptation of one of my favourite books “The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People.” written by Steven Covey.  These seven habits are not new techniques that you’ve never heard before, but they are simple, effective, and will build a lifestyle that will last, rather than a fad diet that you will “fall off the wagon” trying to maintain.

The 30-Minute Circuit Training Solution

We all know how difficult it can be to squeeze in the time to get to the gym with a hectic, on-the-go schedule. However consistency in doing an effective workout program is key to bringing out your best body.

Solution: Try this do-anywhere workout for a great sweat and to whoop your derrière into shape, no matter where you are.

I’m too tired to exercise

Do you know what the number one way to infuse your body with energy and boost your mood is? It will help you lose weight and decrease your risk of disease and costs as little as zero dollars! It’s a miracle drug that 80% of North Americans don’t take; even in it’s lowest dosage.

10 Things to Start to Stop Your Cravings

There are four key hormones that drive our brain chemistry and control our appetite and metabolism. When you learn how to control and balance these four hormones, your cravings will quickly be gone and your “will power” can be used for other things in life!

How to Fit Exercise into Your Busy Day

There is a paradox going on, the busier people get with work, travel, kids and life the more they struggle to find time to work out. Yes, it’s great to be busy and successful, but you can’t afford to not exercise because it is integral to sustained success. I believe it is possible for even the busiest person keep in fit and prioritize their health.

Sleep Essentials

The importance of getting quality sleep goes way beyond just boosting your mood or banishing under-eye circles. Adequate sleep is key to a healthy lifestyle, and can benefit your heart, weight, mind, and more!

Walk and run to keep it fun

With the warmer weather and longer days, many people feel inspired to start running outdoors. The health benefits of breaking a sweat include busting stress, boosting energy and improved mood with the endorphin release; aka runners high. Running can help keep your heart healthy, boost your immune system and help accelerate weight loss.

The 5 Best Barbell Exercises to Build Muscle and Burn Fat

Melissa Tucker - Purica Ambassador

Melissa Tucker
Purica Ambassador

Melissa Tucker, a training coach and one of Canada’s foremost global fitness competitors, is a member of our team of Purica Ambassadors committed to providing you with healthy eating and training tips. Here are Melissa’s thoughts on the efficiency of the barbell, which allows for strength training with just one piece of equipment.

When you’re traveling or have limited equipment to train with, it’s tempting to default to bodyweight exercies, cardio or to skip your workout all together!

That’s not the compromise you want to make if you want to truly reach your strength potential. To do so, you must use free weights.

To help you reach your personal goals, let me simplify strength training so that all you need is one simple piece of equipment: a barbell.

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5 Tips on How to Stick With Your Fitness Plan

Melissa Tucker - Purica Ambassador

Melissa Tucker
Purica Ambassador

Melissa Tucker, a training coach and one of Canada’s foremost global fitness competitors, is a member of our team of Purica Ambassadors committed to providing you with healthy eating and training tips. Here are Melissa’s tips on how to stick with your fitness plan.

We all want to be healthy, fit and happy…but it can be challenging to achieve with our hectic lives. Here are five tips to help you start and stick with your fitness plan:

Take Personal Responsibility for your health and fitness. I encourage you to build a support team of good friends around you to help motivate, assist and support you along your journey.

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The Benefits of Infrared Sauna Therapy

Infrared saunas are a “Hot Topic” in the fitness industry; many health experts promote their use to help the body detoxify heavy metals. Regular sessions can help you to lose weight, relax, relieve unwanted pain, increase your circulation, elevate your mood, remove heavy metals from the body, and purify your skin.

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Five FAQs on Health & Fitness

Melissa Tucker - Purica Ambassador

Melissa Tucker
Purica Ambassador

Melissa Tucker, a training coach and one of Canada’s foremost global fitness competitors, is a member of our team of Purica Ambassadors committed to providing you with healthy eating and training tips. Here are some of Melissa’s answers to frequently asked health and fitness questions.

  1. When is the best time to work out?

There’s no right time to exercise. It depends on the individual. You need to listen to your body. Some people feel rough in the morning, whereas others can hop out of bed and do a 10 mile run. I will say if you are new to fitness, you are 80% more likely to build a lasting habit if you workout at the beginning of your day rather than after work when you’re bagged from your day.

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Rookie mistakes – how to avoid making them

I’ve completed over 15 Ironman triathlons, have been a student of endurance sport for half of my life and usually prepare well for my races. But on May 2nd, I ate an entire humble pie and came out of my first race of the season with a sub-par and disappointing result. Even as a veteran, in my preparation for this event, I made some classic rookie mistakes.

How you exercise and what you eat matters

To embrace the hormonal changes that happen during menopause, women can help ease the transition by working on three areas that are within your control:

  • How much you move;
  • What you eat;
  • How you handle stress.

Going through menopause doesn’t have to mean automatic weight gain, nor does it mean your body won’t go through some changes no matter what you do.

Managing what you can and allowing your body to respond to your efforts will help you maintain a healthy, positive attitude about the changes you’re going through.

So here is the deal about menopause: Estrogen is a hormone that works against insulin and cortisol. Progesterone has little impact on insulin but does fight against cortisol.  These two hormones are the reason women have an easier time staying leaner when they are young and are more prone to weight gain and midsection fat accumulation during menopause.

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Heart disease and women – knowing the signs

In a powerful message delivered with humour, popular actress Elizabeth Banks plays an example of a modern day woman coping with the everyday demands of raising a young family. She might even be playing you and the lengths many women with great intentions like you go to be everything to everyone; often even at the expense of their own health. This video shows common symptoms of heart attacks in women that are critical to recognize. Do you listen to your heart? Do you act on warning signs?  Do you protect it? Elizabeth Banks may help you answer those questions.

Better digestion for better nutrition

Making the most of nutrition is not just about what we eat but how we digest what we eat. It relies heavily on how well we absorb and assimilate our foods so we can maximize their nutritive value.
We want the food we consume to fuel our body!

Restorative Sleep as Stress Relief

The saying “let’s sleep on it” is a staple for everyone from those making complex and high stakes decisions to those wondering what colour of paint would work best in the living room.

Most of us have thought it would be best to “sleep on it” before giving an immediate response on the basic questions of day-to-day life?

Nutrition tips for endurance athletes

You don’t need to be running a half marathon or cycling a Gran Fondo in order to be classified as an endurance athlete. If you are training for a 5k running event or doing group fitness classes such as jazzercise that are pretty much continuous movement done with an elevated heart rate then you are doing endurance athletics.

Seven Steps to End the Energy Crisis

Are you dragging your feet? Yawning by noontime? Is your first impulse to grab some sugar or caffeine, or maybe an energy bar or energy drink to find your second wind?

If you rely daily on such ‘quick fix’ energy sources, you are going to find yourself feeling more drained and depleted than before, especially once their effects wear off.

Emotional Hunger

Emotional hunger is what fuels emotional eating. Unfortunately, part of being human is having emotional hunger. However, emotional hunger is not so much the problem as how you deal with it.

People who suffer from emotional eating deal with emotional hunger by eating. And, since life is filled with emotional stressors…

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