Top Winter Workouts

Melissa Tucker - PURICA Ambassador
Melissa Tucker
PURICA Ambassador

Melissa Tucker, a training coach and one of Canada’s foremost global fitness competitors, is a member of our team of PURICA Ambassadors committed to promoting positive lifestyle solutions, including healthy eating and training tips. Here are Melissa’s suggestions on how to make the most of your winter workouts!

Winter may seem like the time to head indoors and bundle up against the cold; well here are my top picks to get your Canadian hearts pumping outside.

  1. Downhill Skiing Snowboarding – Whether you’re a beginner or an expert, there are lessons and runs for all skill levels.Burns: 68-102 Calories in just 15 minutes
  2. Cross Country Skiing –cross-country skiers must simultaneously use their arms and legs in rhythmic strenuous movements, making for a great total body workout.
    Burns: 102-264 calories is just 15 minutes
  3. Snowshoeing – Today’s snowshoes are typically lightweight with fabric decks and strap bindings, making them easier to use.
    Burns: 119 Calories in just 15 minutes
  4. Sledding/Tubing – Repeatedly hauling a sled or inner tube up a hill is a great workout with a thrilling ride down for the entire family.
    Burns: 102 Calories in just 15 minutes
  5. Shoveling Your Driveway – You’ll get a great workout and save a few bucks too.
    Burns: 85-100 Calories in just 15 minutes
  6. Ice Skating – Inside or outside, frozen pond or manmade rink. It’s easy and affordable as most rinks even offer skate rentals
    Burns: 77-238 Calories in just 15 minutes
  7. Hockey – When you have a group of participants looking for a way to workout and have some fun. EH!
    Burns:  Calories in just 15 minutes

Not interested in any of the activities above?  Then bundle up baby and head outside for a walk. Enjoy the simple beauty of your neighborhood or head to the country for a trail walk. 
Burns: 325-408 Calories in just one hour

*Note: The calorie guideline is an average guestimate for a 150lb adult.

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