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Arthritis and fibromyalgia

It appears that I am following my mother’s and grandmother’s footsteps in arthritic joints, particularly the finger joints. Over the last two or three years several joints on my left hand have become ever increasingly disfigured and painful (my mother has had to resort to surgery to restore some movement in her hands). I have been trying everything to prevent the same thing from happening to me. I have tried virtually everything, including ASA, acetaminophen, ibuprofen, Celebrex, Vioxx, herbal remedies, vitamins, etc.; nothing has worked well. The cox-2 inhibitors had somewhat worked for the joint pain and the fibromyalgia pain.

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Tendinitis and arthritis

Being a hair stylist, I am constantly straining my hands, wrists and shoulders because of the repetitive nature of my work. A recent severe bout of tendinitis led me to try RECOVERY®; this is an unbelievable product!

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Gout, restless leg syndrome and years of pain

I have suffered with restless leg syndrome, heel spurs and gout for a few years. RECOVERY® has made the pain a distant memory.

The only side effect I have noticed is that my grey hair is going back to its original color.

I can crouch now with no problem. I started taking it in September/02 and it worked in about a week. Thanks for a great product.

Dolores Stewart, Winnipeg, Manitoba

Pro athlete – severe knee pain

My name is Keith Gracey,  I have a history as pro athlete.

When I was sixteen years of age I was diagnosed by a knee surgeon that I wouldn’t be able to walk let alone have a quality of life without severed pain due to what is known as osteochondritis dissecans in my right knee. I had this knee operated on several times in the last ten years to remove and maintain this condition.

I am now approaching my 43rd birthday. The pain and condition started to get so bad that I was unable to walk, and the pain was so bad I had to take an anti inflammatory and ice the knee down on a nightly basis, not to mention I couldn’t walk more than five minutes without it acting up. At this point I was introduced to RECOVERY®, that was two years ago.

I have never looked back. Within days, I was fully recovered and back exercising like there was never anything wrong at all. I am back playing competitive handball on an international basis. This year I am the number one ranked master’s handball player in Canada. Not to mention the most important thing, being able to walk and play with my two children when ever and where ever pain free.

Keith Gracey, Delta, BC

Psoriasis and muscle pain

In October, 2001, a friend of mine from the Canada Senior Pro Rodeo told me I needed to buy some RECOVERY®.

I had very bad muscle inflammation for 4 ½ years, and my husband had psoriasis ever since we have been married, 35 years. I took RECOVERY® for one month and told my husband, it is not doing me any good so you just take the rest of it.

In February, 2002, my husband, Bob said to me, I think my psoriasis is gone; I have hair growing on my leg. He had been scratching and bleeding on his legs and sheets for 35 years, and now it is cleared up. It is now December, 2003 and he is still healed.

As soon as he told me in February, that he was healed, I ordered 6 more bottles and began taking it in March, 2002.

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Severe knee pain and arthritis

In my early years, I played a number of sports at the semi-pro/professional levels and incurred many sprains and associated damage to my joints that healed and permitted me to enjoy a 30-year career as a military pilot. However, as I reached my mid-forties, my knees developed arthritis with severe associated pain. After a major operation on my left knee, I was told that I would probably need an artificial knee in about 10 years in my left knee and my right knee would need attention also.

I retired at 50 years of age and thought that I would be fairly restricted in my chosen second career as a retail owner while helping my wife enjoy her chosen lifestyle breeding and raising Quarter horses. After 5 years of enduring the pain in my knees, I tried your RECOVERY®, as we were giving the equine RECOVERY-EQ® to our horse that had a rear joint problem. With pleasant surprise, I found that the pain in my knees was much less and I was able to move about better. I began using it on a regular basis with fantastic results.

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Arthritis and constant knee pain

Medical Diagnosis: Degenerative arthritis in the knees.

I have been a user of RECOVERY® for a long time. I have arthritis in my knees. I had orthoscopic surgery, then my knees got so bad the doctor said I needed a knee replacement.

I took RECOVERY® while away one winter, and was to have surgery in the spring. Come July, I hadn’t heard from them yet so I phoned and cancelled my surgery because my knees were so good. “NO PAIN”.

Diana Rennie, Parksville, BC

Arthritis – back, hands, wrists, ankles and knees

Medical Diagnosis confirmed by bone scan: Degenerative arthritis in the mid and lower dorsal spine, in the hands and wrists, knees and ankles.

I have taken RECOVERY® for nearly a year and have experienced no adverse effects. On the contrary, since taking RECOVERY® I am no longer aware of my arthritis – no pain, no stiffness – I feel sound in body again and feel freer mentally because I no longer worry about losing mobility as I age.

Oli Cosgrove, Ottawa, ON

Arthritis – pain

Let me tell you a bit about myself. I am 49 years old (and holding at least until December), who has had problems with my left shoulder and arm, lower back and hips. I also had muscle spasms from a hacking cough. I had an accident in 1983 where I was diagnosed with the beginning of Osteo-arthritis or rheumatoid…

Low back pain (degenerative disc)

I am 33 years old, and was diagnosed with a degenerative disc in my lower back (L5-S1) twelve months ago, after dealing with years of chronic back pain, and many days laid up in bed.

As you can imagine, this condition was drastically limiting my ability to windsurf, kiteboard, and mountain bike….three of my life long passions. Not only was I unable to continue with these sports at the level that I was used to, but there were many days where it was a challenge just to get out of bed. According to my back specialist, my only options were to just “deal” with the chronic and constant back pain or chose between disc replacement, or disc fusion procedures. Neither of which were desirable options for me.

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Acne rosacea

In 2000, while conducting my duties as a Correctional Officer, I became embroiled in a violent altercation with an inmate high on drugs. As a result, I received two bulging discs in the L4-L5 location of my spine, which resulted in a 10 month absence from work; 7 of those months were spent in rehabilitation. During this time the pain I experienced was excruciating, controlled only by highly potent and addictive prescribed narcotic medication from my doctor. During this period, I saw on the local news (CHEK 6) a story about RECOVERY® and decided to give it a try. Within the first week of using your product I was able to reduce the dosage of my medication as the deep rooted pain in the core of my spine and in both of my sciatic nerves became much less.

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Severe arthritis – knees

I have been waiting for knee cap replacement for over a year and it could be another 8 to 9 months before I even see my knee surgeon. I have had more sleepless nights in count of pain. I have had approximately 7 shots of cortisone but they only last 3 to 4 months,

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Arthritis, ACL tear – pro athlete

I am a 35 year old sponsored Pro MTB rider and have been on my bicycle in a pro capacity for over 8 years. I have sustained a multitude of injuries over the years including a broken ankle, wrist, ribs, fingers and both arches in my feet, as well as having torn lower abs and groin muscles. Most debilitating has been a blown ACL in each knee and now recently a bucket handle tear in my meniscus in my left knee.

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Eczema (3-year-old boy)

Thank you, thank you, thank you! I just wanted to tell you how much your product has changed the life of our 3-year-old son. He has had eczema since 3 months of age and recently as bad as 95% of his body. The skin specialists told us that there was “nothing more they could do”. Our pharmacist recommended your product to us.

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Avoiding hip replacement

After the pinning of a fractured hip, fifteen months ago I was doing well until six months later when I ruptured a thigh muscle and tore a ligament using a rowing machine at the gym. Six months of severe pain and disability, on crutches and the quality of my life decreased. C.T. scan and M.R.I. finally provided the answer. Avascular necrosis and I was told the only solution was a hip replacement. That I could not accept.

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Avoiding shoulder replacement

Seeing the result happening with our horse and being a biochemist myself, therefore knowledgeable about your ingredients, I started to use the RECOVERY® for my own busted shoulder that had turned severely arthritic. After a couple of months, I was able to taper off my pain medication but have continued the RECOVERY®. It is now four months later and I have not had to take a single pain pill.

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Vitamins and Minerals

What You Should Know about
Vitamins and Minerals


  • forty percent of Americans take vitamin and mineral supplements
  • optimal bodily function, especially in athletes, cannot occur without daily ingestion of a precise mix of 59 substances, in the correct amounts
  • oxygen, hydrogen, carbon, nitrogen, and sulphur are needed in large amounts, while the remaining 54 are needed in medium or small amounts
  • the 54 substances previously mentioned are less plentiful in the environment and thus in our food, so you are more likely to develop a deficiency in those ones
  • as of May 1992, 13 vitamins, 22 minerals, 6 cofactors, 8 amino acids, and two essential fatty acids (EFAs) were recognized as essential to the human system
  • all nutrients act in synergy to produce, maintain, and renew the body, and if even one is missing, or in short supply, the functions of the others are impaired
  • the word ”essential” means: 1) nutrients have to be present in adequate amounts or function is impaired, 2) the body cannot make nutrients or cannot make enough of them for normal tissue function, and 3) you have to get them from your diet
  • supplements can make up for shortcomings in your diet.
  • supplements can make good health easier for you to achieve.
  • on 9 April, 1991, the Physicians Committee for Responsible Nutrition, a Washington lobby representing 3000 physicians, asked the US Department of Agriculture (USDA) to abandon the four food groups and to reclassify meats and dairy as ”optional foods” – 2004 Harvard has instituted a food pyramid that tips the USDA and Health Canada food pyramids upside down.
  • a professor of nutritional biochemistry at Cornell University, presented evidence that the excess intakes of meat and dairy products in America is strongly linked with their high rates of cancer, heart disease, diabetes, obesity, and osteoporosis
  • on 27 April 1992, the USDA issued a food pyramid emphasizing whole grains, then vegetables, then fruits, as the basis of nutrition, with meats and dairy as minor foods
  • just a ”balanced” “mainstream” diet alone is not enough to ensure good nutrition.
  • pregnant women, dieters, and senior citizens, simply cannot obtain the recommended allowances for certain nutrients through “mainstream” food alone.
  • sometimes supplements are a safer source of certain nutrients than certain foods.

Principles Of Nutrition

  1. Synergy.
    Nutrients are co-dependant on other nutrients to exert function within the body. They function only by interdependent interactions with each other.
  2. Completeness.
    The corollary of synergy is that even if one essential nutrient is in short supply, none of the others can function properly.
  3. Biochemical Individuality.
    Nutritional needs of individuals differ as much as their faces and fingerprints. Each person requires an individual nutrition program
  4. Lifestyle Dynamics.
    Lifestyle choices such as the choice of training level, or the choice of living in a polluted urban area, dramatically affect nutritional needs.
  5. Precision.
    There is only a narrow range of intake of each nutrient that will produce the optimum function.
  6. Physiological Dynamics.
    Improved nutrition must wait on nature to renew whole bodily systems before its effects can show.



  • boron provides biochemicals called hydroxyl groups, essential for the manufacture of the active forms of some steroid hormones; especially the hormones involved in Ca, P, and Mg metabolism in bone, and in muscle growth
  • adequate boron status is necessary for normal testosterone production
  • post-menopausal women who supplemented 3 mg./day of sodium borate showed increased blood levels of testosterone and 17-beta-estradiol, the most active form of estrogen

Interactions and Toxicity:

  • intakes above 50mg/day may interfere with phosphorus and/or riboflavin metabolism


  • soybeans, almonds, peanuts, prunes, raisins, dates and unprocessed honey



  • part of the essential enzymes, xanthine oxidase, aldehyde oxidase, and sulphite oxidase


  • average daily American intake is 109 mcg for males and 76 mcg for females
  • RDA 50-250 mcg/day

Interactions and Toxicity:

  • toxicity starts at 10 mg daily, causing a gout-like condition


  • whole grains and legumes

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