Use Your GPS…and we’re not talking Global Positioning System!

GPS is short for the Global Positioning System, a space-based navigation system that provides location and time information in all weather conditions.

GPS is also short for Goal-Powered Strategy.

So let’s begin there: If you don’t set a goal, you’ve already set it, and the goal is to stay the same. If you set a big goal, you will work and grow in a big way. If you set a medium-size goal, you will work a little less and grow in a medium way. If you state a small goal, you will work just a little and grow in a small way.

Do you see where I’m going with this? Goals stretch your faith. They are statements of how much or little you expect of yourself. In my books, goals build self-trust, discipline and confidence. They are a spiritual discipline because they challenge your faith, inspire hope and develop your character. If you are playing it safe you are not growing. If you live in fear rather than in faith, you are being unfaithful to yourself.

Check out the following questions. They will help explain how goal setting works.

  • What’s your health goal? If you don’t have one, your goal is to stay the same.
  • What’s your goal for eating healthier? If you don’t one, your goal is to repeat a yoyo diet.
  • What’s your work out goal this week? If you don’t have one, your goal is to just drift along.
  • What’s your goal for better rest? If you don’t have one, your goal is to burn out.
  • What’s your goal in your relationships? If you don’t have one, your goal is for them to not get any better.

What does it take to really change? What will make this time the first time you finish what you set out to do? It takes setting personal goals.

Goal-setting is more than a good idea; it’s setting your intention with a deadline. I believe that goals accelerate your body building efforts and strengthen your willpower and discipline. It replaces a “To-Do” list with a “Must-Do action plan.

Goals focus your energy. Energy that is not focused is diffused power. Without a goal, you’re drifting; you’re running without GPS (Goal-Powered-Strategy).

When you run without GPS, you literally don’t know where we’re going.  When you don’t know where you’re going…guess what? You’ll arrive! And then you wonder how you got there, and feel frustrated at why you’re here not there?!

Nobody has time to waste. I don’t. You don’t. Life is short. Make the most of your energy, turn your GPS on to achieve every goal faster and live a purpose driven life!

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