A Friend in Tranquility Meditation

Through tranquility meditation, the reigns of mind, which seize emotions and thoughts, relax.  We realize through insight that we can choose to let go of unskilful thoughts and behaviours.  Tranquility and insight allow us to experience a calm, clear and joyous mind.  This IS the mind of altruism and thriving.  This is a fresh start.


With diligence, confidence and guidance from an experienced meditator, we will become mindfully aware of our thoughts and feelings without creating drama.  The practice of meditation will strip away the false assumptions of the muddied-mind.  The idea of self versus another softens, increasing our awareness and opening our hearts.  We can rest in the clear-stillness of mind at ease and allow joy to unfold freely.  Be prepared to be surprised.

Realizing Still Clear-Mind

Tranquil insight meditation is a powerful tool to help us realize a state of ease.  Initially, physical and mental pain and sickness may distract us from experiencing a mind of stillness and ease.

Antioxidants, found in green tea, berries and grape seeds, can help prepare us for meditation practice by stimulating repair and relieving physical pain, without decreasing focus.  Medicinal mushrooms help coordinate our immune systems to ward off sickness and disease.  Reishi mushroom and calming sights, sounds and smells can help to relax the mind making it more receptive to meditation practice.  It is highly recommended that we choose a body posture that equally prevents sleepiness and agitation.


Sitting Practice Example

Breathe gently…  Let the mind stay gently focused on the breath at all times…  Release muscle tension all over the body…  Let go of expectations…  Let go of mental chatter…  We can do this!  Rest the mind simply without “pulling or pushing” thoughts and feelings…  Free the mind…  Imagine the mind is a glass of muddy-water…  Let it be still…  Gently, set it down…  Simply rest and the mind will clear…  Let go…  Let mind rest…  Let go of self-incrimination and judgement…  Be gentle and compassionate with mind…  Relax…  Remember all mental chatter is fleeting…  Let go…  Remain focused and alert…  Beautiful thoughts and feelings may appear…  Allow inspiration without distraction…  Breathe…


As little as 10 minutes of meditation practice per day can make a significant impact on your state of health and well-being.  Significant improvements in mental and physical well-being are proven side benefits of meditation practice.

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