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Principles Of Nutrition

  1. Synergy.
    Nutrients are co-dependant on other nutrients to exert function within the body. They function only by interdependent interactions with each other.
  2. Completeness.
    The corollary of synergy is that even if one essential nutrient is in short supply, none of the others can function properly.
  3. Biochemical Individuality.
    Nutritional needs of individuals differ as much as their faces and fingerprints. Each person requires an individual nutrition program 

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Naturopathic Use of Grape Seed Extract and Proanthocyandidins

Naturopathic use of grape seed extract and proanthocyandidins

People have been growing and harvesting grapes for thousands of years.  Originally cultivated near the Caspian Sea, they quickly spread throughout the Mediterranean world long before Biblical times.  For many, their favourite purposing of grapes is of course wine, but even the Ancients realized that Grapes appeared to help with many of their health challenges. 

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