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Top Winter Workouts

Winter may seem like the time to head indoors and bundle up against the cold; well here are my top picks to get your Canadian hearts pumping outside.

Are group fitness classes for you?

Group fitness classes are a great way to add something new to your workouts and are offered at almost all gyms! The comradery of a group sweat session generates energy with the other participants.

Time-efficient Run Workout

As the holiday season rolls in most people find that their schedule starts to fill up, and often it is one’s exercise routine that is forced to take the back burner. But it doesn’t have to be that way!

All you really need to get fit is: YOU!

The key to getting fit and staying fit is to make it part of your regular routine; to find ways to make it part of your day on a consistent basis. To help you make that happen, try these five muscle-toning bodyweight exercises when you’re traveling or don’t have time to make it to the gym.


When it comes to staying youthful and healthy, nothing is of more value than exercise. A well thought-out exercise program can:

  • help slow the aging process
  • improve flexibility
  • firm sagging muscles
  • guard against osteoporosis
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Exercise and Inflammation

Regular exercise reduces the risk of chronic metabolic and cardiorespiratory diseases, in part because exercise exerts anti-inflammatory effects. Regular exercise is protective against several chronic diseases ranging from physiologic diseases such as cardiovascular disease to neurologic diseases such as dementia and depression. Exciting recent research points to chronic inflammation as an underlying contributor to many age-related chronic diseases. Cross-sectional and longitudinal studies in animals and humans have shown both an acute and a chronic anti-inflammatory effect.

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